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TourRadar focuses on expert knowledge and user experience to offer best deals online

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VIENNA, AUSTRIA – When TourRadar examined reasons as to why travellers book, they discovered three main factors: price, customer service and user experience. However, TourRadar was not surprised by this and since launching they have made these points a main focus, with a key emphasis on aggregating the best touring deals.

“Our biggest draw for travellers is the deals we have on our website and the fact that we have the widest selection of multi-day group tours,” said Travis Pittman, CEO and Co-Founder at TourRadar. “Working with over 500 tour operators gives us the ability to do this. Travellers easily see the deals available and can quickly compare options with ease.”

TourRadar is constantly looking to work with more tour operators across the globe as this gives them a unique opportunity to showcase the biggest deals, in real-time within the market. This also creates a seamless user experience most travel companies are not able to provide from start to finish. 

Ensuring that multi-day tour deals are constantly available from over 500 operators worldwide is something that has never been done before and TourRadar has filled that gap within the touring industry. This comes as a benefit to tour operators as it allows them to increase their distribution and reach travellers in new markets via unforgettable online experience. 

“Though we have a seamless booking process that feeds constant deals and information on destinations, we also have a strong team of travel experts available 24/7,” said Christian Wolters, North American Managing Director at TourRadar. “This is so we can ensure that every traveller has the best and most informed experience.”

Their global offices located in Brisbane, Vienna and Toronto allow them to offer top level customer service through every stage of the pre and post booking process.

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