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MANCHESTER, UK – launched as part of the company’s strategy to empower people to discover and do more. The newly established platform enables customers to enter in their holiday destination and within seconds, find an owner willing to lend out their cat for the duration of the holiday-makers’ trip. The company claims that the new website is the most sophisticated platform in the world, making it simple for customers to pick up their chosen cat from a preferred destination and fur a small fee even select from a range of extras such as cat carriers and catnip. Solving the problem of the longing hearts of those cat-lovers, and even for those who don’t own their own cats, the website has been hailed as being at the apex of cutting-edge technology & local, community level engagement.

This was made possible by the same cutting-edge algorithm that the global business use to power their car rental personalisation platform.  In fact it was employee and cat-lover Sammy Siddique, who noticed while working on optimising the algorithm, that it had the potential to be an awesome way of solving an everyday struggle she faces when she is away on holiday – the continuous suffering from being “cat-sick”.

The platform will also be rolled out by Rentalcars Connect, the B2B division of, to their existing partners. Those that want to take advantage of this new opportunity can choose to add cat rental to their product offering and further increase their ancillary revenue. Rentalcars Connect will provide their partners with a fully optimised platform with access to 73 different cat breeds in over 49,000 locations across 163 countries around the world – helping to strengthen customer loyalty with feline-lovers everywhere.

Managing Director of Rentalcars Connect, Fraser Ellacott quoted, “As one of the leaders of online travel, is always striving to stay on top of current trends and by diving into the cat-matching industry we are creating more ways for customers to have a positive experience while they travel.  It is even possible that by giving travellers the chance of feline companionship whilst abroad, it will offer great therapeutic benefits such as helping to sooth stress and anxiety and for the cats, they make a new friend – so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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