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Ramundberget is the favorite destination of Scandinavian mountain travelers

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What is the reason why Scandinavian mountain travelers choose to travel to a certain destination? According to the Nordic Bench survey, there are a number of factors that affect the choice for visitors, but above all, it is worthwhile to get a value for money and the reputation of the destination that is crucial. When about 7,000 Scandinavians have indicated how willing they are to recommend the mountain destination visited, Ramundberget comes to the top, before last year’s favorite Tanndalen / Funasdalen. Of the researched Norwegian destinations, Jotunheimen hiking and tour skiing destination, which visitors are most likely to recommend.

In a new report from the Nordic Bench analyst, approximately 7,000 Scandinavians (Danes, Norwegians and Swedes) have given their views on the mountain destinations in Sweden and Norway that they have visited recently. Respondents, among other things, indicated the extent to which they would like to recommend the destination they visited to friends and colleagues. The questions are then deepened to ultimately give a result of how the destinations on a variety of parameters stand in comparison to each other.

From the answers you can get the Net Promoter Score loyalty measure. This value is achieved by setting the proportion of ambassadors against the proportion of critics. Ramundberget is ranked highest at NPS 82, which is five points higher than the second Tanndalen. The highest rated Norwegian destination, Jotunheimen, is receiving a corresponding value of 71.

“The recommendation points (NPS value) we see in our mountain destinations study are sky high compared to what we get in other industries. The conclusion you can draw is that visiting the mountain world is something that we Scandinavian values very highly and an experience we are more than happy to share with friends and acquaintances. The mountain destinations have many ambassadors among their guests, which is an unbeatable and not least cost-effective marketing channel,” says Jan Ogner, CEO of Nordic Bench.

Philip Flacke CEO of Ramundbergets Alpina AB has taken note of the result saying: “We are very proud and grateful of the results of our survey and our guests. Our amazing employees, the great place we manage and the activities we have to offer together contribute to our delightful experiences. It provides energy and inspiration to continue develop Ramundberget. We are far from clear, so we are most humble thanks to this and continue to take care of Ramundberget and our guests.”

The destination in Sweden, which together has the most visitors, is Salen, but due to the fact that Salen consists of more ski areas, a breakdown has been made in the survey. Best of Salen’s areas, Klappen will receive a NPS® of 62 followed by Tandadalen at 54. What the visitors to Klappen are especially pleased with is that you experience the ski area as child-friendly.

Nordic Bench’s independent study is recurring. The reports show, in addition to the NPS® value, how strategic decisions by suppliers affect the consumer as well as how a destination relies on a variety of factors compared to its competing locations.

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