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Nanos Fireworks Wedding Experience: Α phantasmagoric wedding story in the sky

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Narratives are powerful in moving, inspiring, making feeling unique, orchestrating emotional connections and qualifying a link between the most top-notch hotels and their guests. Today more and more hotels and their event management departments reconfigure their strategies towards the adoption of an experiential orientation through stories. They script namely unique, extraordinary narratives and stage escapist events, individually customized and personally meaningful for each guest persona. An occasion that is rather welcoming and fertile for the weaving of such stories is the wedding events. 

Event management companies, hospitality wedding planners and hotels need now to script wedding experiences for their guests that “dazzle their senses”, “engage them personally”, “touch their hearts” and “stimulate their minds” (Schmitt 1999) and concurrently let them be self- indulgent in their ‘fantasies, feelings and fun’ (Holbrook and Hirschman 1982). 

We had the honor and pleasure to talk with one of the most recognized signature stories professionals for weddings, Pavlos Nanos, who enriches in an unprecedented and unique way your wedding through a pyrotechnic story crafted just for you:

“Your personalized wedding “once upon a time” is a unique mission for me.

As couples that trusted me to direct the fireworks of their most special day, tell me, years after their wedding, the guests’ most vivid recollection is the wedding gown and the fireworks, symbolizing also the sparkling start of life together.

My experienced team and I, with rigorous attention to safety and every single parameter of a pyrotechnic show, take over fireworks displays and special effects in a multitude of weddings in all the continental and island regions of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Rhodes, Spetses, Paros, Crete, Santorini to name but a few).

Mapping your wedding experience, I can choreograph for you from majestic aerial fireworks and pyromusical performances to little surprise moments with beautiful state-of-the-art pyro details.

So, every time, I design wedding pyrotechnic choreographies depending on the personal style, predilections and taste of the couple, the budget, their needs as well as the area where the event takes place. That’s why every single show that I articulate is not same with any other.

Lastly, the fireworks are especially made, ordered and imported for my company use which diminishes the cost and concomitantly enhances the quality and increases uniqueness.

Should you want a very special experience in your happiest day, a safe “wow” factor in economic for fireworks prices- I empathize with the high cost concerns of a wedding- ; should you like my work, contact me to help you in the best way possible.

It would be my sincerest pleasure to orchestrate your wedding dreams in the sky and your very own “forever story”.  Besides, pyrotechnic stories, like love, have no wrinkles, as spouses’ narrations years after the wedding prove.” 

Seven times internationally awarded (first place in the World Fireworks Championship the consecutive years 2014 – 2016 in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Cincinnati respectively and first place in China and Germany four times), Pavlos Nanos is one of the most recognized directors and producers of pyrotechnic shows and special effects (SFX) universally (he has participated in major events such as Special Olympics 2011, TomorrowLand, Lollaooza , Robbie Williams, Roger Waters, Tiesto, JLo concerts, Eurovision 2006, major constituent factor in the fireworks opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games 2004 ), makes the best fireworks in the world and is the first globally in pyromusical shows, the latest innovation of the pyrotechnic technology where the firework choreography, in every second of the explosion, is spatiotemporally defined and utterly synchronized to each musical phoneme. At the same time he is one of the very few directors who do not use virtual simulation software for the design  of the shows.

Kapodistriou Avenue 46
151 23 Filothei
T: +30 210 6817014
F: +30 210 6818499



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