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International Trabzon Yoga Festival “One Source, One World, One Hand”, 14-19 Sept 2017

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The International Trabzon Yoga Festival organized by Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Arab Tourism Organisation (ATO) will take place between 14-19 September 2017 in Trabzon, Turkey. The festival will feature world-famous Yoga trainers. 

Trabzon, the Black Sea resort, a city of culture and history, is visited each year by hundreds of thousands visitors from all over the world. With its magnificent scenery and rich 4,000 year old history it’s a popular tourist destination just one hour east of Istanbul. 

The objective of the International Trabzon Yoga Festival is to bring together members of the international Yoga community, thereby making Trabzon a Yoga Centre for sharing and learning. 

The festival will provide a memorable and unique experience for everyone who attends. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and the organizers will help delegates to acquire a deep understanding of this ancient discipline. The organizers hope to attract 200+ delegates. Registration fee is US$ 500 for 2 days and $750 for 4 days per delegate. 

The festival motto, “One Source, One World, One Hand” aims at giving a message of peace to the whole world by bringing together all Yoga lovers from different religions, languages, races and backgrounds. The Republic of Turkey hopes to function as the bridge between the East and the West, by promoting love, music, union and unity. 

Delegates can rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. Enjoy the many practical courses and lessons given by expert Yoga trainers in outstanding locations of natural beauty in the mountains, hillside and lakeside treasures that Trabzon provides. 

Yoga dance demonstrations and Yoga massage in addition to Rumi literature and Sema ceremonies will be presented. The festival will also showcase Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Kundalini and Nidra Yoga. 

Delegates will visit the stunning lakeside resort of Uzungöl, and Akçaabat Akçatepe Sivriburun facilities. 

The participants will have the opportunity to visit the cultural and natural treasures in and around Trabzon. For example the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Virgin Mary, better known as Sumela Monastery, 46km south of Trabzon, is one of the Black Sea coast’s historical highlights.  The monastery has existed here since AD 386 and is cut into the face of the mountainside. A world class must-see treasure. 

Gastronomy is also on the menu. Participants will have the chance to taste exquisite Turkish cuisine and Trabzon’s famous creations that include local fresh produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Travel to Trabzon couldn’t be easier. With daily direct flights from many countries. 

The International Trabzon Yoga Festival, which is organized with the cooperation of Arab Tourism Organisation and Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is being co-ordinated by ABİGEM Trabzon.

M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, the President of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced, “Successful festivals at international scale are being organized at our city. Our goal is to realise new and different types of tourism  in Trabzon. Yoga Festival and eco-tourism works are important projects on which we work meticulously.”

He went on to add, “Moreover, Trabzon is the rising star of tourism with its magnificent nature, historical and cultural works. I hope this festival is going to greatly contribute to the introduction of the city and development of Trabzon’s tourism. I hope the trainers and guests that are going to participate in the International Trabzon Yoga Festival are going to leave our city with satisfaction and return next year to the festival, which we want to transform into a traditional one.” 

President Hacısalihoğlu also stated they were carrying out works to transform Trabzon into a festival city with monthly festivals throughout the year. 

Dr. Hossam Darwish, ATO Deputy General Secretary, a festival organizer and committee member said, “Trabzon is going to provide the world-famous trainers and participants with a unique experience. We hope and plan to carry out many more joint events in Trabzon, which is the city of tourism, history and nature.”

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