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Alexis Multispeciality Hospital collaborate with Air Arabia as Preferred Medical Tourism Partner

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Sharjah, UAE – Zulekha Healthcare Group announced its collaboration with Air Arabia as its preferred medical tourism partner for its India-based hospital, Alexis Multispeciality Hospital

The collaboration was marked with the launch of an exclusive healthcare kiosk for medical tourists at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah in the presence of Founder and Chairperson, Dr. Zulekha Daud, Managing Director, Mr. Taher Shams and Co-chairperson Zanubia Shams from Zulekha Healthcare Group and Mrs. Shalini Rajan, Head of Sales, Air Arabia in Sharjah, UAE.

The medical tourism team in both Zulekha Hospital and Alexis Multispeciality Hospital will work together to support the needs of the patients making it convenient for individuals seeking affordable medical treatment with world-class standards and latest medical treatments, all under one roof. 

Mr. Shams states, “We have taken an important first step by establishing a world-class facility in India and now we are delighted to extend our integrated services to medical tourists also.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Air Arabia as a preferred travel partner to provide accessible, quality healthcare to all and to facilitate our medical tourism requirements. We’re looking forward to a valuable and long-term partnership.”

The group is providing patients with an end-to-end solution including customized treatments, a travel guide to process visas, local transportation, translation services, local communication provisions (SIM card and currency exchange), follow-up and safe return to home country. Many insurance providers welcome such collaborations and are coming forward to support medical tourists across borders with the best of the coverage facilities. 

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